Shadowing Program

NALAS Shadowing Program was introduced in 2008 as a mechanism for permanent exchange and transfer of knowledge between members, through coaching, mentoring, and on-job learning using the expertise within the NALAS network. The idea for the program was developed in the framework of the NALAS Task Force on Association Development, in order to support practical transfer of experience between the members.

Shadowing means that one person accompanies the colleague(s) in another Association like a shadow to learn from their good practices (model 1) or to figure out the practices that could be improved and share his/her knowledge how to do it (model 2).

Learning from our Partners

NALAS members are 16 Associations, different in various aspects: while some of them are over 50 years old, the others are very young; some members are coming from countries that are already EU members, while the others are still in the initial stages of the European integration.

Different members have different experiences in various fields, from advocacy, to provision of different services to members, internal organisation, co-operation with the government, etc.

All these create a huge potential for knowledge exchange and learing from each other. Therefore, the Shadowing Program supports the establishment of mechanisms for permanent exchange and transfer of knowledge between members.


Below, you will find the necessary documents about your participation in the Program:

NALAS Shadowing Program Guidelines

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Shadowing Program Request Form

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Shadowing Program Report Form

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