We are thrilled to announce that the exclusive webinar showcasing the deployment of Gov-Tech in Public Administration was successfully delivered for the members of the Digitalization Group of NALAS, as well as for the local governments with specific interest in the area. For those who were unable to attend, we are pleased to provide recordings of the event so that you can still benefit from the valuable insights and knowledge shared.

We were honored to have Mr. Christian Rupp, Adj. Profesor and Master in Artificial Intelligence for Public Sector AI4Gov and with rich experience in eGovernment activities from Austria to Western Balkan economies. Mr. Rupp provided a wealth of knowledge and insights into the national eGovernment and GovTech systems in the EU and globally. He started with the sentence: GovTech helps government to work more effectively and efficiently, while delivering services to citizens in new and more innovative ways.  

GovTech means new smart welfare services and products for employees and citizens that are cocreated by innovative companies and the public sector. GovTech strives to make the public sector more innovative, and development oriented by using new and emerging digital technologies and new ways of working. 

Mr. Rupp talked about the global GovTech market that is growing globally and estimates to be around 441 bn Euros, and in EU alone around 166 bn Euros with estimation to grow trifold in the next 3 years.  

During the webinar, participants had the privilege of delving into the GovTech best practices in Europe from GovTech UK with active involvement of the Local governments in UK; GovTech catalog of France, GovTech Campus in Germany and many more (Netherlands, Danmark, Luxemburg).   

The GovTech strategy is a positive example of partnership and cooperation between tech scene research organizations and civil society and public administration. It aims to bridge the gap between  GovTech players and open innovation ecosystem, involving IT service providers, open-source solutions, hyperscalers, civil society and research organizations. 

World Bank GovTech Maturity Index 2022 measured that Iceland is advanced in all four GovTech focus areas and received the highest score on citizen engagement. 5 areas were described and given as an example for roadmap. 

We express our sincere appreciation for the active participation and enthusiasm of all attendees. Your presence at the webinar was invaluable, and we are grateful for your commitment to the Digitalization at the local level. Together and using the partnership opportunities, we can drive positive change in the South East Europe. 

Should you have any questions or require further information, please do not hesitate to reach out to Mr. Rupp, NALAS or KDZ. 

Webinar recording.