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Peer Review

The Peer Review is a service designed to facilitate a process of learning from the experience of other NALAS member LGAs on the topic of importance for the member LGA that requests the service (Host Association).

NALAS member LGAs are given a closer look at the Host Association operations and quickly understand key challenges it faces through presentations and meetings with the LGA key staff and external stakeholders. The Peer Reviewers provide advices for future development of the Host Association, drawing from their own perspective and experience. This serves for mutual learning through better understanding of NALAS members and developing joint benchmarks for good performance.

In a facilitated process, the Peer Review is done through the following five steps :

STEP 1: Assessment

STEP 2: Meeting and Exchange with LGA staff

STEP 3: Meeting with stakeholders

STEP 4: Peer review team REFLECTION meeting

STEP 5: Final meeting with the LGA team to present and discuss the results and recommendations and define next steps and the role of NALAS in it.