The NALAS President for the term 2022-2023 is Mr. Goran Cvetanović, Mayor of the City of Leskovac in Serbia, on behalf of the Standing Conference of Towns and Municipalities of Serbia (SCTM).

Dr. sc. med. Goran Cvetanovic was born on 11 March 1965 in Leskovac. He finished Grammar school in Leskovac and then graduated from the Faculty of Medicine University of Nis, where he earned the degree of medical doctor specialised in internal medicine, in addition to a PhD in Medicine.

The love for his mother country and fight for justice motivated him to enter the political scene of Serbia in 1996. He served as a Minister without portfolio in a term and he was a Member of the National Parliament in four terms.

Dr. sc. med. Goran Cvetanovic served as the President of the Local Parliament of the City of Leskovac two times. He will be remembered as the first Mayor of Leskovac. In June 2020, he was elected mayor for the fourth time in his career. As the Mayor of Leskovac he is dedicated to making Leskovac a modern and economically powerful city. The local budget is managed conscientiously, attention is equally paid to every single social category and tremendous effort is made to satisfy various social needs.

Dr. sc. med. Goran Cvetanovic is a member of the Presidency of the Serbian Progressive Party, he was elected member of Executive Board of the National Alliance for Local Economic Development and in 2021 he was elected member of NALED’s Managing Board for the third time, in December 2021 he was elected President of the Standing Conference of Towns and Municipalities.

He is a member of the Presidency of the Serbian Medical Society, member of Serbian Medical Chamber, the President of the Parliament of the Centre for the Development of Jablanica and Pcinja District, the President of the Federation of European Carnival Cities Serbia, and a co-author of a number of scientific works on various medical topics.

He was a member of the Health and Family Committee and the Committee for local self-governments in the Serbian Parliament, in addition to having been a member of the Delegation in the Parliamentary Assembly of OSCE.

He speaks English.

He is a father of two sons Nemanja and Viktor.

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