On 26 and 27 November 2013, in Skopje, Macedonia, NALAS hosted the third Project Partner’s Meeting of the ATTRACT-SEE project. This project addresses the need for improved understanding of comprehensive territorial dynamics and improved coordination among different public policies to achieve territorial cohesion and other development goals at all levels (transnational, national, regional and local). In order to set up an effective monitoring system, the project aims to develop a ‘Common Territorial Monitoring Framework’ , together with the relevant tools. 

The aim of the two day event was to review the progress of the project working packages related to the report on common territorial monitoring framework, template of action plan for establishment of territorial monitoring systems in involved regions, presentation of the draft national/regional attractiveness reports, presentation of the methodology of data model/data analysis – creation of country/region specific indicators, presentation of the draft of policy coordination process handbook and stakeholder involvement plan, etc.

The Attract-SEE project involves ten partners, an ‘EU Associated Strategic Partner’ and eight ‘Observers’ from nine countries. Steering Committee and Quality Management Board meetings were held as well.

In order to leverage the outputs of the Attract-SEE project within the NALAS regional context, a synergy between the Attract-SEE Meeting and the regular meeting of NALAS Task Force on Urban Planning was made. In that direction, a Joint Session of Attract – SEE partners and members of the NALAS Task Force on Urban Planning was organized on 25 November 2013. During the joint session, the participants had a chance to discuss solving municipal issues by the means of urban planning through the experience in Central and Eastern Europe. Territorial development and territorial attractiveness in the context of municipal urban planning was additional topic of interest among the participants. 

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