The Regional Cooperation Council (RCC) invited NALAS to contribute to developing the South East Europe 2020 Strategy. This presents an opportunity for local governments from SEE and their associations to have a more prominent role in the design and implementation of the 2020 strategy.

The SEE 2020 strategy is based on 5 pillars of 1) integrated, 2) smart, 3) sustainable, 4) inclusive growth of which the 5) good governance pillar is of high interest for NALAS as a regional platform of local government associations. NALAS took part in the RCC workshop on “Governance for growth” held on 21 February 2013 in Sarajevo and assumed the role of a coordinator of the pillar dimension “Effective Public Services” together with the Regional School of Public Administration (ReSPA).

In the coming months, targets and specific activity measures will be identified in the strategy which will then be indorsed by the South East Europe Cooperation Process and RCC governing structures.

This way, NALAS’ rich activities of decentralized cooperation in the Balkans will be put in a wider regional cooperation framework and in the same time new opportunities for local governments and their associations will be created to unfold their huge potential in reaching common vision of South East Europe 2020.

SEE 2020 Mapping convergence and promoting growth.pdf

SEE 2020 Workshop Concept.pdf