Since the beginning of the spread of the corona virus, NALAS initiated a series of activities related to its operations and service provision to its members, the donor community and interested third parties. Priority was given to awareness raising, the sharing of experiences throughout the network of actions undertaken by member associations and local governments, the set-up of webinars, e-courses and the provision of specific information from national, regional and international sources.

The traditional NALAS Digest has been transformed into an exchange platform for good practices of local governments in South East Europe and their Associations in combating Covid-19. It is a weekly edition, the last one available HERE. All issues of NALAS Digest are available HERE.

Weekly Covid-19 Update is prepared for NALAS members, including information about the situation, official measures and activities by NALAS member LGAs.

NALAS Quick Response service is following the trending topics and already had an inquiry for collecting data on financing Covid-19 measures. The report findings are made available to the network and beyond.

Within NALAS e-Academy, online course in Disaster Risk Management is being conducted for local government professionals. Series of webinars are implemented in partnership with the Disaster Risk Prevention and Preparedness Initiative in South-East Europe.

NALAS is a member and contributor to the CEMR Covid-19 Task Force. It also contributes to the efforts of PLATFORMA, the pan European coalition of towns and regions.