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Water Management Working Group Meeting in Belgrade, 4-5 February 2010

The Meeting of the Water Management Working Group was held on 4-5 February in Belgrade, Serbia. Representatives of 11 member associations participated at the meeting.  In total, 19 participants were present the meeting, including NALAS and GTZ representatives. The main goal of the meeting was to exchange the experiences and identify common problems and holdbacks. Based on the identified problem, several project ideas were developed, to be proposed to GTZ ORF for funding: Municipal networking in water and waste water treatment sector in South East Europe, Reduction of Water Losses in Municipalities of South East Europe, as well as Public Private Partnership in water sector. Since the last topic was already identified as priority by other Task Forces, the proposal was made to organise a joint workshop with Waste Management Working Group and Fiscal Decentralisation Task Force, with guests from EU.