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Urban Planning Task Force meeting in Budapest, 2 June 2010


The first meeting the NALAS Task Force on Urban Planning for the year 2010 took place in Budapest, Hungary on the 2nd of June 2010. It followed postponement due to force majeure air traffic disruption in April. The TF UP meeting gathered in total 17 participants, including experts from UN-HABITAT and the Hungarian Society of Urban planning. The latter was presented by its Managing Director Mr. Richard Ongjerth who delivered the presentation Innovative Knowledge Transfer for Best Urban Solution. His presentation gave a different perspective to the urban planning processes from the point of view of expertise coming out of NALAS operational region.

This meeting was about the project activities that are being implemented by NALAS TF UP. Central point of the discussions was the completed NALAS Project Urban Integration of Informal Settlements and its follow-up project proposals. Also, at the meeting were presented the results from the Task Force Evaluation.

Meeting materials (members only)