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The Role of LG Associations in Training Delivery to Local Authorities Workshop in Skopje, 6-7 March 2008

NALAS participants: NALAS President, Vice-President, Lialison Officers, Association Employees.

The NALAS workshop on the Role of associations of local governments in training delivery to local authorities was held on 6-7 March 2008 in Skopje.

This workshop is the first result of the newly launched NALAS programme Quick response, new service provided to NALAS members. The event was response to the demand of the Association of Municipalities of Montenegro, which was in the process of preparing national training strategy.

The purpose of the workshop was to allow exchange of experiences between NALAS members, as well as with sister associations from other countries that have experience in providing training to local authorities: besides experiences from South East Europe, participants were introduced to good and bad practices of Austria, Lithuania and the Council of Europe.

As the preparatory activity, NALAS prepared a survey report on its members’ training activities and capacities, while all NALAS members were invited to share with the others their case studies and training material produced. Final Training Survey Report comprises answers of 11 NALAS members.

Many topics were discussed at the workshop, such as: development of the National Training Strategy, training curricula, models for delivering training, as well as possible funding sources, involvement of other partners and the role of the central government in training delivery at local level. Common problems on these topics were identified and possible solutions proposed.

Based on the case studies and workshop discussions, a publication with experiences and recommendations on the role of LG associations in training delivery will be prepared.




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Establishment and Competitors

Models for Delivering Training

Structures and Financial Background

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