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Urban Planning Task Force meeting in Tirana, 7 May 2009


The NALAS Task Force on Urban Planning met in Tirana on 7 May 2009. The meeting took place between two national workshops of the Urban Integration of Informal Settlements project - one in the Republic of Srpska on 27, 28 April and a second one in Albania on 8 May. During the meeting, experts delivered updates on the recent development in the urbanization sector in South East Europe, concluding that most of the counties are still facing serious challenges in this area. This is especially the case as the economy shrinks and municipalities are now even less able to build new social and physical infrastructure to serve their growing communities. Central governments are not helping either, as in some cases they are even disrupting municipal efforts, by using “legal shortcuts” to bypass regular municipal planning processes, or by not giving state land to the municipalities. The meeting resulted with new potential project ideas for activities of this task force in 2010.

Meeting materials (members only)