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Introduction Of Comprehensive Participation Of Citizens As Well As Governmental And Non-governmental Organizations In The Urban Planning Process

Proper planning asks for citizens’ participation. This process may be a round table or workshops or a large public debate with stakeholders direct or indirect affected or interested. The general objective of the document is to contribute in stimulating “demand” for public participation in the planning process, inviting the local major stakeholders to navigate through the a large array of techniques which in long run certainly help for a good governance in both municipalities.

More specifically the document intends to transfer relevant knowledge to the main urban stakeholders, public administration and communities living in the informal settlements, to make possible the construction of a sustainable dialog through participatory organizational structures able to employ various methods and techniques adapted to the planning process phases. The document offers a variety of instruments which may encourage, support and organize the participants in the development of an initial plan of action in the field of urban development planning, instruments collected from international bibliography.