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NALAS Task Force on Sustainable Tourism - Baseline Document

NALAS Task Force on Sustainable Tourism with the support of the National Association of Italian Communes (ANCI) developed a baseline document that analyses the importance of the sustainable tourism development for the local communities and sets a strategic base for the work of the Task Force. It is intended as a basis of the formulation of a Position Paper on Sustainable Tourism at Local Level in SEE, but it also contains some concrete proposals for promoting sustainable tourism planning at local level within the NALAS network.

Although Bulgaria, Slovenia, Moldova and Turkey are not considered in the document, which includes countries involved in the SeeNet trans-local network, they must be considered as target countries for the Charter and descending actions.These include the formulation and implementation of a Tourism Planning Toolkit, to help local municipalities in addressing sustainable tourism planning, along with the promotion of Capacity Building at the local level, to develop the potential and ability of local  authorities and stakeholders in this sensitive and innovative field.

Finally, it is suggested for best experiences to be collected and classified into a NALAS Observatory on Sustainable Tourism Planning at the local level, aimed to sustain the dissemination of good practice amongst the entire network of municipalities.


To review the document: Baseline document NALAS-ANCI June 2013.pdf