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Solid Waste Management Task Force Meeting in Belgrade, 5 March 2007

The meeting was opened by Ms. Marija Šošić, SCTM team leader for projects; she has welcomed the participants on behalf of Standing Conference of Towns and Municipalities of Serbia. Mr. Kelmend Zajazi, new elected NALAS executive director was also present at the meeting. He stressed out the importance of having technical experts in any task force, since task forces are seen as a crucial corner stone of the NALAS Action Plan. Mr. Siegfried Brenke, GTZ project “Modernisation of Municipal Services” said that this TF is a pilot NALAS TF, and the experience of SWMTF work, both good and bad, should be used as a basis for structuring future NALAS task forces to be established in 2007. Ms. Anđelka Mihalov SWMTF Coordinating Expert has started first session of the meeting presenting activities, results and problems that TF was facing during its work in 2006.

Meeting conclusions and recommendations

Main conclusions and recommendations given throughout the meeting have been summarized and listed below:

  • NALAS Executive Office will consider necessary procedures and come up with proposal on the improvement of work of TF, in view of necessity to develop new thematic task forces, in accordance with NALAS Action Plan.
  • SWMTF Associated experts will be contacted by NALAS Executive Office in order to give recommendations for its improvement.
  • NALAS Executive Office will also consider and inform on procedures related to the best way of using SWMTF outputs and to increasing NALAS visibility through improved web site and media appearance.
  • SWMTF Associated experts agreed that main outputs of SWMTF work developed in 2006 (such as “Survey of legal framework in SWM in SEE” and “Table of Concordance”, coordinated by AE from Kosovo) should be utilized through advocacy, member services, and campaigning, in order to promote citizen participation.
  • The TF has agreed on the framework program for 2007. The main focus will be given to the development of NALAS SEE Recycling Status Report, which should include the assessment of relevant legal responsibilities, recycling potentials (including waste generation assessments, reporting obligation toward European Environment Agency and handling of special waste streams) and markets’ developments. 
  • Efforts should be given in improving planning and management tools in the field of waste management. Workshops for municipalities in NALAS member associations are to be considered.
  • Regional campaigning in waste management, linked with NGOs, has been pointed out by AE from BiH and Montenegro as high priority issue to be considered by the TF.
  • In the frame of best practices identification and finding simple solutions, Chamber of Commerce of Serbia has offered to present SWMTF case study on how to start business in recycling, which is currently being developed by Chamber of Commerce and Economy of Serbia and financed by World Bank.
  • Bulgarian Executive Environment Agency has presented their work in waste reporting toward European Environment Agency and offered sharing their experience in the process of fulfilling reporting obligation in the field of waste management.
  • AE from Serbia has presented draft Methodology for Waste Generation Assessment developed by GTZ/SCTM and Serbian Environment Protection Agency as one of the examples of unified waste data collection. The Methodology could be possibly considered of as case study for other member associations in the process of waste data collection.
  • It is agreed that “Fact Sheet on Waste Recycling” (Questionnaire: prepared by CE, presented, discussed and agreed on meeting) will be filled by AE and send to CE through SCTM-TF Secretariat until April 5 at latest.
  • After initial project proposals to be possibly supported by ORF presented by different stakeholders, it has been agreed that each presenter send one page draft project proposal to Coordinating Expert (CE) until 11 March 2007 in order to be included in CE presentation for NALAS liaison officers - GTZ meeting in Budva, Montenegro, on 13-14 March 2007.
  • After presentation of possibilities of municipalities’ cooperation through EC-CBIB7, it is agreed that SCTM Secretariat will keep TF informed on this developments and call for proposals.
  • The next meeting of the Task Force is planned for the end of April 2007.