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The effectiveness of a country's public sector is vital to the success of development activities. Sound financial management, an efficient civil service and administrative policy, fair collection of taxes, and transparent operations that are relatively free of corruption all contribute to good delivery of public services. In recognition of these links, the World Bank has stepped up its support for public sector reform in recent years.
The World Bank's Independent Evaluation Group (IEG) has released the report Public Sector Reform -- What Works and Why? It addresses key questions about reforming the quality of public sector services based on an evaluation of World Bank support:

  • Which diagnosis tools have significantly contributed to more effective public expenditure and financial management reforms?
  • What approaches on civil service and administration reform have proven more successful and realistic?
  • Are direct measures such as anti-corruption laws and commissions effective in combating perceptions of corruption?
  • What can we learn from countries that present successful cases on reducing corruption?


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