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Fiscal Decentralization Task Force meeting in Pomorie, 5-7 June

The fifth meeting of the NALAS Task Force on Fiscal Decentralisation was held on 5-7 June in Pomorie, Bulgaria, in the framework of the XI National meeting of the finance officers from Bulgarian municipalities „The Municipal Finance – Expectations, Real Situations and Problems”. Municipal financial experts from 8 member associations participated at the event.

The Task Force members assisted to the plenary sessions of the annual gathering of the Bulgarian Municipal Finance Officers, and had a chance to hear more about the experiences of the Bulgarian colleagues. The main discussions were held on the topic of implementation of the municipal budgets during the 2007 and tendencies for 2008, as well as on the practical impacts of new tax powers of the municipalities during the 2008.

At the Task Force sessions, the following topics were discussed:

  • the questionnaire developed within the Municipal Cost Estimation project;
  • the content of the Presidential meeting to be held in the framework of the Budget Negotiations Project;
  • the progress of the Improvement of Property Tax Administration project;
  • the update on the preparatory activities of projects Local borrowing and Municipal Finance Database;
  • Ideas for possible project on municipal program budgeting, proposed by Kosovo association.

One session of the meeting was devoted to discussing cross cutting issues tackled by two or more NALAS Task Forces, and possibilities for cooperation between them were explored: cost estimation of municipal services and municipal databases are identified as the main cross-cutting topics for all Task Forces.

At the end of the meeting, the members were invited to share new challenges emerged in their countries, and public private partnership was added at the list of priorities to be addressed by the Task Force projects.



Questionnaire on the practices used for cost determination

Improvement of local property tax administration: Progress Report

Themes for training on budget negotiations at political level