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Fiscal Decentralisation Task Force Meeting in Ljubljana, 11-12 July 2011


NALAS Task Force on Fiscal Decentralisation met in Ljubljana 11-12 July to hold conceptual discussions on the role and interests of the TF in the next several years.

The members agreed to work on producing periodical overview of intergovernmental finances in South East Europe by analyzing several comparative indicators like local government expenditures as a % of the GDP and total public expenditures, capital expenditures at local level as a % of the GDP and public expenditures in each country of the region, local government revenues by structure, etc.

The TF members made thorrow insights in the topics of non-tax revenues, intergovernmental finance negotiations, multiyear planning and budgeting. These areas of local finances will be among the priority topics of the Task Force in the next years.

An important aspect of the meeting was brainstorming about new forms of products, new ways of their dissemination as well as new ways of interaction of the Task Force. A special attention was set on reaching the municipal level as close as possible and therefore increasing the impact of the TF activities.

Available downloads:

Meeting Agenda

Meeting Report

Presentation by Mr Tony Levitas

List of participants