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Solid Waste Management Task Force Meeting in Belgrade, 2 October 2006

In accordance with the decisions of the NALAS Executive Bureau on 07 December 2005 in Sinaia, Romania the Standing Conference of Towns and Municipalities has, with the support from the GTZ project “Modernization of Municipal Services”, organized the second meeting of the Thematic Task Force for municipal Waste Management.

Most of the countries appointed an associated expert to the group, although the process of gathering members of the Task Force will continue and strive to include all NALAS member associations since some still have not appointed the associated expert. For this meeting the TF was broadened with a number of recycling experts including this topic into its work schedule.

At the meeting the associated experts in waste management had an opportunity to discuss several relevant topics, including:

  1. The current state of waste legislation in South Eastern Europe. During this part of the meeting the associated experts had an opportunity to exchange information about the different legislative solutions or problems in their respective countries and gain a good insight into the state of waste legislation throughout the region. This workshop was moderated by the Task Force coordinating expert Andjelka Mihajlov.
  2. The Structure for the analysis and comparison of existing waste legislation identifying both Central and local government tasks. The moderators for these two workshops were Driton Vatovci from Prishtina, Kosovo, and Pera Markovic from Subotica, Belgrade. Both workshops provided a more in-depth analysis and comparison of the waste legislation and corresponding tasks in a number of NALAS member countries as well as providing information on the EU Framework directive on Solid waste management and EU Directive on landfill management.
  3. Other topics including Challenges of implementation, the Work Plan of the Task Force for the remaining months of 2006 and exchange of information on the regional events in Municipal Waste management and similar topics of interest to the Task Force members. The associated experts have compared the inputs in the Tables of Concordance for their respective countries, and a special coaching session was held at the end of the meeting to facilitate further development of those documents. These tables will provide a solid basis for further work of the MWM Task Force especially in the field of Waste legislation advocacy in the Region.