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Solid Waste Management Group Meeting in Istanbul, 8-9 July 2010

NALAS Task Force on Solid Waste Management Meeting took place in Istanbul, Turkey on the 8-9th of July 2010. This meeting was about the project activities that are being implemented by NALAS TF SW. Central points of the discussions were the approved NALAS Project Development of a Model/Methodology for the Establishment of an Integrated Information System on Solid Waste Management in SEE. It was approved for financing by GTZ ORF-MS and is going to be managed by SCTM. Project proposals Development of a Manual for Efficient Sanitary Landfill Management (ESLM) and Development of a Cost and Financing Model in Solid Waste Management (C&M) were discussed, improved and deposited for approval to GTZ - ORF. Statistics from the TF SW activities evaluation were presented to the participants. Based on the TF SW evaluation, activities and preparation processes will be tuned accordingly so better added value of the meetings is achieved.

Meeting materials (members only)