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Fiscal Decentralization Task Force Meeting in Sarajevo, 7-8 April 2008

The fourth meeting of the NALAS Task Force on Fiscal Decentralisation was held on 7-8 April in Sarajevo. Municipal financial experts from 10 member associations participated at the event. The purpose of the meeting was to present and discuss the first results of the NALAS projects in the field of fiscal decentralisation, as well as to develop and review new project ideas to be submitted for funding.

Within the project on Budget Negotiations, managed by NAMRB (Bulgarian Association of Towns and Municipalities), several documents have been developed and presented:

  1. Model of rules of procedures for budget negotiations between LGA and Ministry of Finance 
  2. Model Protocol (MoU) on budget negotiations
  3. Examples of legal regulations on budget negotiations (from Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia, Republic of Srpska, Kosovo)

After the inputs received at the meeting, the documents will be finalized and the last activity of the project, development of the training modules for mayors, experts and media will be realized.

The implementation of the projects on Municipal Cost Estimation (led by NAMRB) and on Improvement of Property Tax Administration (led by SCTM, Serbia) is in its initial phase, and the first results are expected to be presented at the next TF FD meeting.

The project on Local borrowing was elaborated by FALR (Romanian Federation of Local Government Associations), and after the inputs received from the task force members, the proposal will be finalized and submitted for funding.

The initial results of the project on establishment of the municipal finance database in Macedonia were presented and discussed, and it was agreed that the Macedonian project will be synchronized by NALAS project on Municipal Finance Database, that is already developed and in stage of raising funds for the implementation of the first phase. At the end, the Kosovo representative presented their experience with municipal program budgeting. The next meeting of the Fiscal Decentralization Task Force will be held on 5-6 June in Bulgaria, at the same time as the Annual Gathering of Bulgarian Municipal Financial Officers.


Budget Negotiations:

A model of rules of procedure applicable to budget negotiations

Budget Negotiations Presentation

Municipal Cost Estimation:

Cost Estimation of Municipal Services in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Local Government Borrowing:

Local Government Borrowing Project Proposal

Municipal Finance Database:

Municipal Finance Database Project Proposal