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Exchange of experience between SCTM and UOM in the field of integration of informal settlements and legalization

Seminar on integration of informal settlements and legalization took place on October 7th 2010 at SCTM premises in Belgrade. It was the exchange of experience between SCTM Committee for urban planning and housing and OUM Committee for urban planning and communal services. Representatives of relevant ministries of both countries were present. The event was supported by GTZ project Land Management from Montenegro.

Participants had an opportunity to get acquainted with typology and main causes of occurrence of illegal settlements in Belgrade, presented by local experts. The results of the NALAS pilot project „Urban integration of informal settlements in Prijedor“ were presented by representative of municipality of Prijedor, Republika Srpska.

Representative of City of Belgrade presented the experiences of Belgrade city administration on legalization process. These were very valuable for local representatives from Montenegro.

Local experts from both associations stressed after the seminar that they are aware of the difference between legalization, which presents the administrative individual act and integration of informal settlements, which stands for process of complex, integrated consolidation of city parts, where urban planning, infrastructural, socio economic and other measures are applied.

It was concluded that there is a need to put definition of informal settlements into the legal framework in both countries.

Municipalities are not very well acquainted with the results of pilot projects that have been implemented in the regions. The communications channel should be strengthened.  There should be more professional gatherings accessible for local representatives.

Cooperation between local and central governments on solving problems of informal settlements should be based on partnership and mutual dialog.