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Energy Efficiency Task Force Meeting in Geneva, 21-22 September 2008

NALAS gathered energy experts, municipal officials and university professors in Geneva to discuss energy challenges and plan for activities in response to some of those challenges. The meeting took place on the 20th and 21st of September 2008 and extended a visit to the United Nations office in Geneva to meet with the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe.

Energy issues are high on the agendas of the policymakers, governments and international organizations. On 23 of January 2008, the European Commission presented Energy Package setting three objectives to be reached by the year 2020: 20% cut in CO2 emissions, 20% reduction in energy consumption and 20% of consumed energy to be from renewable energy. During its 15th Plenary Session, the Congress of Local and Regional Authorities adopted the Recommendation 243 and Resolution 262 titled “Public local and regional action: for a new energy culture“. Numerous conferences focused on the energy issues, most importantly on the climate change and energy efficiency.

The energy challenges in the South-East Europe are not much different than in the rest of Europe. However, South-East Europe also suffers from severe economic and environmental problems caused by the inefficient and polluting energy systems in place. The work of the Task Force on this meeting is reported in the documents available for download below.






Presentation of activities in the Association of Albanian Municipalities

Presentation of activities in the Association of Kosovo Municipalities

Presentation of activities in the Union of Municipalities of the Marmara Region

Presentation of the developed project idea