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Cost and Finance Model for Solid Waste Management in South Eastern Europe developed in NALAS project

The project Development of Cost and Finance Model for Solid Waste Management implemented by the Network of Associations of Local Authorities of South East Europe (NALAS) was concluded. The project was financed by GIZ Open Regional Fund on Modernisation of Municipal Services. During its implementation were elaborated tools that will help address some of the challenges in municipal solid waste management in the region. The Cost and Finance Model for Solid Waste Management in SEE is a calculation tool in the format of online application that will help the municipal management identify information on the needs of financial resources in waste management. The Model is based on European standards on solid waste management and was developed with consideration of the specificities of the municipal solid waste management in South Eastern Europe. The use of the Cost and Finance Model is expected to have positive impacts on the service quality for the citizens and the environment (identification, elimination and reduction of environmental impacts, improved selection and operation of landfills, etc.). CALM, SOGFBiH, UORH, UoM and SCTM participated in the implementation of the project.

Solid waste management in South Eastern Europe (SEE) is characterized by a number of systemic deficits with regard to the legal/regulatory framework, the institutional and organizational set-up, the refinancing cycles as well as the physical infrastructure. These deficits lead to incomplete, inconsistent and fragmented business processes in the solid waste sector; they create ineffective and inefficient subsystems and endanger the environmental sustainability of solid waste management.

The Cost and Finance Model is accompanied by an e-learning component and narrative guidelines on the practical use of the Model. It will be translated in the SEE languages to maximise its applicability, and it opens possibility for benchmarking in the region as the Model is aimed at usage by the local authorities in the whole SEE. As a follow up, there will be developed a full e-learning course that will also encompass achievements and knowledge of previous NALAS initiatives in solid waste management, and the course will provide the Local Government associations and their members with a comprehensive instrument for training and capacity building.

To access the model, click HERE.