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A Week of Exchange on Sustainable Tourism for NALAS Experts


The members of the NALAS Task Force on Sustainable Tourism spent the week of 11-15 June 2012 in Brussels planning their work in the next 18 months and learning about the EU policies on tourism and the involvement of the local authorities.

The planning meeting of the Task Force (11-12 June) set future actions aiming at: a) Improving the strategic planning for sustainable tourism at the local level in SEE; b) Development of NALAS Charter on Sustainable Tourism at the Local Level; and c) Identification of available funding for sustainable tourism at local level.

Also, in cooperation with the European Commission and the Local Administration Facility at DG Enlargement, our Task Force members participated in a Study Tour on Tourism and Involvement of Local Authorities (13-15 June). The group learned about the new EU policies about tourism, got familiarized with the work of the Committee of the Regions, but the most valuable part was learning about the specific good examples of tourism development at local level like: Cornwell (UK), cases from Ireland, Spain, etc. NALAS also delivered a presentation during the study tour, entitled “NALAS Task Force on Sustainable Tourism – Specific SEE Approach”.