NALAS is seeking a competent Regional Expert on Water and Sanitation. The main objective of the assignment is facilitation of the process of development of the priority objectives and road map of the NALAS Working Group on Water and Sanitation. In addition, the Expert shall support the process of preparation of the policy recommendations necessary for policy dialogue and advocacy initiatives of the NALAS members related to national policy changes in the sector of water and sanitation, including changes that could encourage enabling learning environment at local, national and regional level.

Application Procedure

The interested candidates are required to send the following documents in English:

  • Cover letter that clearly states motivation with explicit description/presentation of each of the points of the “Required Skills and Experience” (Academic qualifications and Professional Experience) requested within this ToR;
  • Personal CV including past experience in similar projects, and
  • Financial offer shall specify gross amount per expert-day in EUR and total amount for completing the Assignment

Application will be accepted by e-mail at: Subject: RE/NALAS WSSE2019

The deadline for submission is 16:00, 04 November 2019.

ToR for Regional Water and Sanitation Expert